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If you have an important event coming up or you’d like your teeth to sparkle at your next photo opportunity, we have simple whitening solutions for you. Our dental clinic offers safe in-clinic and at-home teeth whitening options. You could see results up to eight shades lighter with just one in-clinic appointment or take home our personalized kits and see dramatic results in just ten days! Either way, you can spend less time comparing the shade of your teeth to those around you and more time enjoying the company of the people you’re with.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Our dental professionals use only current techniques and tools in all of our procedures. Our in-clinic teeth whitening treatment is both safe and effective, and it’s delivered by professionals who really care about helping you get great results. One visit can remove years of food and beverage stains from your teeth, while also altering the colour of the tooth enamel.

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At-Home Teeth Whitening

If you’re nervous about teeth whitening or prefer to complete the process yourself from the comfort of your home, we’ll prepare a personalized at-home kit for you to use. The package includes a slightly milder teeth-whitening gel and custom-fitted gel trays. The at-home process usually takes ten days to complete and requires that you wear the gel trays for an hour each day. You can also keep your kit and touch up your results whenever necessary.

Whiter teeth can make you feel younger and more confident! Talk to us about your options today.

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