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Dental appliances are custom-fit devices that can be worn at home to protect the teeth, improve oral health, and as a last step in orthodontic treatment. Our team of professional dentists at Westgate Dental Centre has experience in creating comfortable and effective dental devices for a range of patient needs.

Night Guards

If nighttime teeth grinding is keeping you up at night or causing you pain in the morning, a dentist-designed night guard can help you get a better night’s sleep and wake up feeling rested. Night guards are thin, plastic appliances that fit over the top arch of teeth, providing a barrier between the teeth that reduces friction and prevents grinding. Our custom my guards are designed professionally in a dental laboratory using durable and comfortable dental materials.
Dental night guards
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A retainer is an oral device that is often used as the last stage of orthodontic treatment. No two retainers are made exactly the same. Each one must be highly customized to perfectly preserve the new positions of the teeth after a patient’s braces are removed. Our dentists can help fit children, teens, and adults alike with comfortable and durable retainers and provide you with detailed care instructions to ensure you get a longer lifespan from your retainer.

Sports Mouth Guards

Sports mouth guards can offer a high level of protection against injuries to the teeth, mouth, face, jaw, neck, and head during sports and high contact activities. A mouth guard acts as a shock absorber to protect against excessive forces that can dislodge or knock out the teeth, cause lacerations to the soft tissue, and result in neck injuries and concussions. Both amateur and professional athletes often wear mouth guards provided by a dentist to ensure they have a high level of protection and comfort at every game and practice.
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