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Metal braces are still one of the most common methods for treating malocclusions (irregularities in the position of the teeth and jaw). However, braces have come a long way in the past few decades, using stronger and smaller materials to provide the same results with a less visible oral device. Braces are ideal for treating “bad bites” and overcrowding of the teeth. If you or your child needs braces, reach out to our experienced dental team to learn about what traditional orthodontic treatment could look like for you.

The Stages of Orthodontic Treatment

There are three main stages we use to ensure that braces deliver optimal results: the planning stage, the active phase, and the retention phase. In the planning stage, our experienced dental professionals will use diagnostic tools such as x-rays to examine the position of the teeth and determine how the braces can be fitted to move them into ideal positions. We may also need to perform preparatory work (such as a tooth extraction if the teeth are overcrowded and require more room to be able to move). In the active phase, you will wear your braces and take care of them using our care instructions. In the retention phase, your braces will be removed and we will create a custom retainer to stabilize your teeth and help them retain their new positions.

It’s Time to Make a Change!

Orthodontic treatment has many benefits; patients can improve their confidence and self-esteem, reduce the risk of future dental and oral complications, and improve the functions of the mouth such as biting and chewing. If you have questions about braces, reach out to book an appointment at Westgate Dental Centre today!

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